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I provide expert guidance to individuals and restaurants in the area of safe and delicious gluten free living. With four years of total immersion in learning the gluten free diet, keeping up with the latest research, testing and developing recipes, and mentoring inviduals and families as they start living without gluten, I'm excited to share my expertise by coaching individuals and families in the art of gluten free.  I have completed coursework in the GREAT program through the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, which provides assistance to restaurants wanting to safely include gluten free offerings on their menus.

For information about my services for individuals and families, click on Guidance for Individuals.

For information about my services for restaurants, click on Guidance for Restaurants, above.

Please note:  the information contained on this website is not intended or suitable to be a replacement for professional medical treatment and advice.  For questions outside the specific scope of my services and for technical nutritional guidance,  please contact your personal physicial or a licensed dietician.